M001 Sunflower Boroimage Themepack COE33 Laser Etched Images for Flameworking.

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M001 Sunflower Boroimage Themepack COE33 Laser Etched Images for Flameworking. 

This pack contains 8 of the 1/2 inch squares, four of the 3/4 inch squares and one of the 1 inch squares.

We use vibrant dichroic coatings and test each run for quality assurance. For flame working. COE33 borosilicate glass.

16 size A (1/2 inch) chips at $32  (112 chips at $185, 224 chips at $350, $448 chips at $650)

11 size B (3/4inch) chips at $44

8 size C=1 inch chips at $64

6 size D=1.33 inch chips at $72

Quantity discounts available.

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